Jaimie Monahan

Globally recognised marathon and Ice Swimmer from New York, USA, Jaimie has completed the Triple Crown (English Channel, Catalina Channel & Manhattan Island Marathon Swim) and is a member of the 24 Hour Club. She was the overall winner of the 2016 International Winter Swimming Association's World Cup & has represented the US at numerous events across the world.

In 2015 Jaimie became the first American to swim the length of Lake Geneva in 32 hours 52 minutes 14 seconds, she was recognised as a finalist for Solo Swim of The Year by a woman by the Marathon Swimmers Federation and was awarded The Jaimie Monahan Award for the most Exceptional Swim of the Year by the LGSA.

In 2016 she won the Marathon Swimming Federation's Barra Award for Best Overall Year & World Open Water Swimming Association's Open Water Swimming Woman of The Year after another year packed full of  impressive warm & cold water swims around the world, including returning to be the first person to have swum Lake Geneva twice, this time from Geneva to Château de Chillon (the opposite direction) in a faster time of 28 hours 36 minutes.

In her role as President, Jaimie is putting her immense experience of participating at the highest level in this sport to guiding and advising the LGSA in it's goal to cement Lake Geneva as one of the most formidable tests on the established endurance circuit.



Tim Davies

Tim first got into open water swimming in 2009 with Ben as part of a relay swim across the English Channel. The training process ended up being a major turning point for Tim, one which paved the way for numerous other open water swims across the world and eventually to co-founding the Lake Geneva Swimming Association. 

When not busy meeting pilots, liaising with observers or solving logistical challenges Tim works as a mountain guide and continues to add to over six years of experience either participating in or organising extreme sporting events and expeditions, both in Europe and Africa.



Charlie Masding

Charlie learnt to swim crawl specifically to take on an English Channel relay swim. While she's the first to admit her technique still needs a lot of work, it doesn't stop her getting in the water - or supporting others with their swims. She is an Observer for the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation as well as having crewed many times on the Lake Zurich Marathon Swim amongst others.

Previously a Geneva resident (and now in Zurich), Charlie offers valuable local insight. As LGSA Secretary, she is your first point of contact for your swim bookings and enquiries. Charlie's work ethic is second to none and she prides herself in paying close attention to all of our swimmers' questions and needs. This takes time so we ask you not to worry if she does not get back to you straight away - she is on the case!



Ben Barham

Privileged to have been introduced to OW swimming and the English channel at an early age - believing OW swimming should be available to all at school, be it river, lake or sea - Ben organised and mentored five successive years of 17 yr olds from his old school, without school assistance, to successfully swim the English Channel and has completed multiple relays himself.

He set out to open Lake Geneva at 21 after a friend said he wanted to swim it. Co-founding this facilitatory and regulatory body with the aim of taking the hassle out of the process, contributing, advancing and more importantly to him, giving back to a sport that has been so fundamental and beneficial in shaping his life.


Maddie Reynolds

Maddie is one half of the first Split Swim to complete Lake Geneva in September 2016.  Having now completed Lake Geneva and then competing in the British Open Water Swimming Championships 2 weeks later she now has her sights set on the channel next year along with following in Jaimie's footsteps and completing the triple crown in the very near future!