Q: How far is it?

A:  70 km, roughly twice the length of the English Channel. 

Q: How much will it cost


Q: What's included in the price?

A: 5800 EUR.


A: - Full permissions from relevant authorities.

- Coast Guards on standby.

- Full escort boat and team including pilots, lifeguard and observer.

- All 100% on call for your window to ensure the best possible result.  

Q: Is it clean?


Q: Is it cold?

A: The water quality is outstanding.


A: It is upwards of 17 °C from the middle of July of and can get up to 25 °C. 

You should train to be swimming in 17 °C and anything warmer, although expected, is a bonus.

Therefore you will need to undergo a program of cold water acclimatisation, there are lots of groups around the world that regularly take to the rivers/lakes/seas and they can be found easily on a quick Facebook search or we can help to locate one near you.

Q: What are the main challenges?





Q: Is the weather a factor?






Q: What is the difference between a standard relay, special category relay and a split swim?







Q: What do I have to do now?

A: Be under no illusions, this is a beautiful but tough swim. The main challenges are the distance, a 70 km crossing is one of the longest out there. You're almost guaranteed to be swimming at night, so it is important to gain experience of this before your swim. It is also important to bear in mind that the sun can be very strong and swimmers should be careful to avoid overexposure.


A: Yes & we will only go if the conditions are good. While we normally enjoy good conditions on the lake storms and strong winds are quite common in the summer. For this reason swimmers should allow a window of a week to complete their swim. 

If the conditions are good but the wind is blowing the wrong way (i.e a headwind) we will ask you if you are happy to start the swim in Geneva and finish in Villeneuve.


A: A standard relay consists of a team of six swimmers, with each person swimming one hour at a time. A special category relay will be run under the same rules as a standard relay except for the allowance of the number of persons in the team. Teams can be two, three, four, five, seven or eight people. Teams of two or three persons will be allowed the option of choosing between one or two hour swim periods for the duration of the relay swim. A split swim consists of teams of two or three persons swimming either three, four, five or six hour swim periods. The option must be declared before the start of the crossing and maintained throughout the crossing.


A: Fill in the 'Register Your Interest' form on the homepage.

We'll then email you confirming your preferred date and send over a Booking Form, Medical Form & Self-Assessment Swim Form.