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La Traversée Internationale du Lac Léman


13km Lausanne | Evian-les-Bains

Saturday 18th July 2020

Welcome to the 4th edition of the LGSA Classique.

The LGSA Classique is an adventure swim that has grown rapidly in size since its inception. Once a regular fixture on the FINA world cup circuit, this is the definitive open water swimming border buster between Switzerland and France.

Swimmers complete the full crossing of the lake (13km as the crow flies) in separate starts according to their average kilometre pace to give everyone the best swim possible. The team works hard on the event details and works with the local community at every level, from securing authorisation to providing safety on the water.

The LGSA Classique is not a race and welcomes swimmers with or without wetsuits.


  • One-way ferry transport between Evian - Lausanne (or vice versa).

  • Professional water safety team to support the swim.

  • Feed stations along the route providing an assortment of energy drinks, gels or bars.

  • LGSA Classique event swim hat.

  • LGSA Classique event medal for each participant.

  • Special edition LGSA Classique Evian commemorative bottle.


  • 190 €



The original swim route begins at Lausanne, Switzerland and finishes at Evian-les-Bains, France, although this may be reversed or altered. Support watercraft and event markers will direct swimmers along the route.


There will be feed stations roughly every 2.5km along the route with a mixture of water, energy bars and sports gels.


Tow-floats are mandatory for the LGSA Classique. Note that your swim fee does not include a tow-float, however they are available to buy either online, via a swim club, or in shops.


  • The LGSA Classique is an adventure, not a race, where we celebrate the completion of your journey across the lake, between two countries.

  • Come to the Start Beach on the morning of the swim to check in and pick up your swimmer pack including a coloured swim hat and event wristband (for your baggage). If you are travelling from Evian in the morning, the ferry you take to Lausanne will depend on your event start time (assigned according to your predicted kilometre pace).

  • There are toilets and changing facilities at the Start Beach. Both wetsuit swimmers and non-wetsuit swimmers may leave a small rucksack with the event team, which will be transported to the finish (recommended size up to 20L). This should be enough space to pack a towel and a warm change of clothes.

  • At the Start and Finish Beaches we have marquees for shade or in case of rain, and a relaxing environment whilst you prepare for your swim. You will receive a full event briefing at the start of your swim.

  • During your swim, kayaks and support watercraft will be on hand to offer support and to look out for you.

  • Event markers and the on water support team will help guide you across the lake, with the first feed station after 2.5km.

  • At the Finish Beach you receive your medal, event souvenirs and a warm drink!


Upon reserving your place you will be asked for your swim pace. We recommend you write your average time for completing one kilometre in the pool or during an open water event (if one time is faster then write the faster one). DO NOT write a much slower time than you can swim. Swimmers are grouped according to their pace, and the water safety team is deployed accordingly. If you begin to stretch the water safety team because you are swimming much faster than your wave you WILL BE ASKED TO SLOW DOWN. In the interest of the event safety, the team have been known to temporarily remove swimmers from the water who are dramatically faster than their wave. We want you to enjoy your swim, therefore we recommend that you put down an accurate kilometre pace for the best swim experience.

Your pace will probably improve as you train for the event, therefore remember to bear this in mind. If ever you need to change your swim pace, you can do so easily by logging in online via www.startline.co.uk.


Swimmers will arrive at the Finish Beach sometime after midday and by 3pm. Please note that in case of unacceptable conditions on the scheduled date, the swim may be staged on the following day, so make sure you plan accordingly and make the most of this most stunning alpine region!


Yes there is a cut-off time of 34 minutes per kilometre, meaning the last swimmers should be finished by about 3pm. The water safety team will do a sweep to make sure all swimmers are out of the water. This time is a hard stop and non-negotiable therefore please respect the safety team if you are asked to come out of the water. The cut-off usually allows plenty of time for even the more relaxed swimmers!


If you have identical swim paces then you will be placed in the same swim wave. However if your swim paces differ (even by only a couple of minutes) it is not advisable to jeopardise your swim, as one swimmer is usually faster than the other, and will end up getting cold whilst waiting.


Yes, you can! The LGSA Classique is NOT a 1:1 swimmer and kayaker event, and therefore, our safety kayakers are not able to be dedicated to supporting individual swimmers during the swim with feeding and nutrition. Feed boats will be available at set intervals, and although kayakers will have some general nutritional supplies available, they will not be dedicated to individual swimmers. Therefore, if you would like to arrange your own kayaker to support you during the event with feed and nutrition support, then you are welcome to. However your feeding kayaker will be ADDITIONAL to our safety team and will need to meet a number of minimum requirements. For more information please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.


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Our Support

« Lausanne, Capitale olympique […] entre les vignes du Lavaux, classées au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, et les Alpes, le décor est idyllique pour vous accueillir à l’occasion de cette « Classique ». […] Admiratif de l’effort que vous allez déployer, je vous souhaite, au nom de la Municipalité de Lausanne, d’atteindre votre objectif et être fier de votre résultat, quel qu’il soit.

J’aimerais aussi d’ores et déjà remercier la LGSA pour leur travail et leur souhaiter plein succès à cette manifestation qui promeut la natation dans un environnement libre et naturel. »

Oscar Tosato

conseiller municipal en charge des Sports et de la cohésion sociale, Lausanne

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